What is Artifact Uprising Volumes?

Artifact Uprising Volumes is an ongoing book series that turns your mobile photos into a cohesive book collection, automatically.

How are Volumes different from your other photo books?

Unlike any of our other photo book offerings, Volumes is an ongoing book series specifically designed for mobile photos. Once your book preferences are set, our Volumes service will automatically create a new book for you each time 50 images are added to your photo source. Review your project, edit as needed and let us take care of the rest – it's the perfect way to start a photo book collection without having to design each book. 

Where can I source my images from?

You can source images from your iPhone Favorites folder or any other folder within the photos app.

What is the production and shipping time for Volumes?

Please allow 14-21 days for combined production and shipping time for your Volumes Book Series. Orders will be shipped to your doorstep via USPS.

Why does production + shipping take so long?

To help keep prices low, Volumes books are products and shipped in batches - this means we take a series of orders, produce the books in groups and ship them out together. Because of this, the production and shipping takes a bit longer than individually shipped products from our website or app.

Can I switch to a different book type or photo source for my next order? 

Currently, the service doesn't allow you to switch book types or photo sources within a Volumes collection. If you'd like to opt for a different book type or photo source, simply cancel your current Volumes series and start a new one. There's no cost to end or start a series. 

What if I have a production issue with my Volumes book?

We stand by the products we create, and hope that each product that passes through our doors honors the meaningful in your life. If you are not wholeheartedly satisfied with your order each and every time, drop us a note so we can make things right.

Can I create Volumes on an Android or desktop site? 

Currently this product is only available on our iPhone app. We’ll be sure to notify our community if it becomes available elsewhere in the future.