Is envelope addressing available for all cards?

For now, envelope addressing is only available for our holiday cards, save the dates, and design your own cards, but we are hoping to have it for all cards in the coming months. 

How will addresses be printed?

You have the option to choose to print only return addresses, or return and recipient addresses. Addresses will only be printed on one side of the envelope (see image below). 

How do I enter my addresses?

You will select a return address from your Address Book, or you can add a new address. If you selected recipient address, you will then upload your recipient address: 

  1. Download Template

    Envelope addressing is only available using our provided template. Download below to get started (see attached).

  2. Add Recipient Information

    Enter your recipient's names and addresses in the template provided. Once finished, make sure to save the template as a .csv, .xls, or .xlsx file. Other file types are not supported. Check out the envelope preview below.

  3. Review & Upload Completed Template

    Once recipient information has been reviewed, upload your completed template through the "Upload" button under your project details in the Cart.

    *You verify that I have reviewed my Recipient Address Template, and confirm the spelling and quantity of recipients is correct.

What else do I need to know?

  • Currently there is only one option for font (Baskerville), text color (black), and location on envelope (see image below)
  • Spare envelopes included in the order will not be printed on
  • If there are fewer recipient addresses in the provided CSV than number of envelopes, those envelopes that do not have recipient addresses will print with only return addresses
  • This service is currently NOT available on our app. Orders placed on the app are not applicable for envelope addressing. 

My address template isn't uploading. What do I do?

  1. Make sure the template is in CSV format
  2. Ensure every box is filled in (with the exception of Street 2, if not applicable)
  3. Verify that no pre-set template boxes (header row, etc) have been modified or removed
  4. Try uploading the template in the cart. If the template cannot be uploaded, an error message will cue you to what line(s) need to be adjusted for successful upload